The noblest art is that of making others happy.
— P.T. Barnum

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

Hey, there! That’s me, Jen.

Jen Scherr Designs is where you'll find my artwork ranging from acrylic paintings, soft pastels, pen drawings, and even carpentry, which is a fascinating trade that I've grown to enjoy and excited to explore.

Currently, I reside in a northern Indianapolis suburb with my boyfriend, Stuart, and our dog, Pup a.k.a. Puppy/Puppy Bear/Pup Dog/Puppernickle... we adopted Pup five years ago from a rescue. Her previous owner named her Amelia, but we felt Pup was a more appropriate name, since she was only 2 1/2 years young at the time and crazy as ever! :)

Born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and graduated in 2010 with a BA in Interior Architecture. But that’s enough of the resume jargon…

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

Creativity has always run through my veins, and college allowed me to hone in on my artsy side and learn new mediums. After taking a few required art and furniture building courses, I discovered my passion not only for interior design but painting and building things as well.

Painting, with acrylics, has always been my main focus. Eventually, though, I wouldn’t mind delving into watercolor or oils. Since I enjoy painting nature: landscapes, seascapes, trees, mountains, inspiration is ubiquitous! Most of the time, I’m putting paint to canvas and letting my imagination run wild.

I’d describe my painting style to be abstract realism. While I completely admire photo-realism (and sometimes wish I could actually do that), I find abstract realism so dreamy and full of interpretation! What do YOU, as the viewer, see?

FUN FACTS about me:

  • By day, I am a designer working in facilities, and by night, I create.

  • I am, and always will be, a Packers fan/Cheesehead. Imagine having a partner from Illinois who is a Bears fan. Yes, those game days are interesting. :)

  • Ever since watching the movie Die Hard for the first time at age 12 (thanks, Dad), I've loved Bruce Willis - Die Hard is also my favorite movie.

  • I am a HUGE sweets fan. Win me over with cookies, ice cream, cake, and especially DONUTS!

  • Sports are in my nature. (Luckily, I get my coordination from my dad. Sorry, not sorry, Mom.) I enjoy golfing, bowling, playing soccer, and softball.

  • I hadn't been stung by a bee until the age of 25: darn thing got my calf, through my jeans. Fast forward to age 28, my index finger was next... needless to say, that makes me an unfortunate bee killer.







  1. Achiever

  2. Restorative

  3. Empathy

  4. Competition

  5. Input

My love, Stuart.

My love, Stuart.

Puppy being a squirrel.  Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

Puppy being a squirrel.

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

My favorite "office" space.  Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)

My favorite "office" space.

Photo credit: Paris Photography (@sparisphotography)